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I’m Char, Charlotte or my personal favorite—Gnarlotte. I’m a Designer, Creative Director and Photographer in the Pacific Northwest and I’ll respond to she, her or dude. In my career, I’ve designed editorial layouts, art directed magazines, created award-winning posters and covers, and churned out captivating marketing suites. My favorite projects to work on involve branding small, women-owned businesses and food/product lifestyle photography. What you’ll find throughout all my work is authentic, thoughtful and beautiful storytelling—whether it’s photographic, editorial, personal, or promotional. Working with me is special because I consider my clients friends—whether it’s only for the duration of our project, or ‘til the end of time—our relationship will be approachable and enjoyable. I value authenticity above everything else, what this translates to is more of you in your brand or project.

Being a creative is who I am, it’s why you won’t see a separation of me and my brand. When I’m not designing, I’m a leader on snow: teaching beginners and training seasoned instructors; I’m personable, candid and funny; I’m a music lover, an outdoors-person, a travel enthusiast; and a topical-playlist extraordinaire. When I'm not behind my computer, I'm traveling or adventuring with my camera in hand and my husband and dog by my side or on the other side of the lens. Or you can find me on snow, inspiring other snowboarders of all ages.

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