I am a graphic designer with proficiency in editorial, publication, ad and layout design. I consider myself a creative-problem solver and a creative problem-solver. A Michigan-native that spent six years in Burlington, Vermont, and now resides in Seattle, Washington. My previous work includes designer for Seven Days Newspaper and lead designer for BTV. Other notable clients include Catalina Express, Hy-line Cruises, Clipper Vacations and Discover Stanwood-Camano. I'm available for freelance design with packages for ad design (digital + print), invitation design + wedding collateral/identity, magazine & book layout, business cards & resume design (personal branding), and web design.

When I'm not designing (and it's not summertime), you can find me in the mountains. I'm a part-time, Level II AASI-certified snowboard instructor and staff trainer. I'm also a photographer, poetry-writer, feminist, skateboard novice, and expert playlist-maker with a Ms. Maisel-style sense of humor.

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